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Seven That Spells - Psychedelic / Space rock band from Croatia - již proběhla

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Seven That Spells - Psychedelic / Space rock band from Croatia

Seven That Spells - Psychedelic / Space rock band from Croatia
It seems there's a some sort of connection between Croatia and Japan when it comes to prog rock. SEVEN THAT SPELLS were formed in Zagreb, Croatia formed in 2003. The core of the band is Niko 'Brain' Potočnjak, the guitarist, the producer (and also a member of TIGROVA MAST). The band's psychedelic style is clearly influenced with ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE, they even collaborated with Makoto Kawabata (and Tsuyama Atsushi), recorded an album together, and toured in Japan. On a side note, a similar story happened to another band from Zagreb, TENA NOVAK (of which, incidentally or not, Hrvoje Niksić on keyboards shared the line-up), and they toured With Damo Suzuki... However, they started in 2003 as a trio - Tomislav Kalousek was on bass and Stjepan Jureković on drums. They did their debut (which was remastered in '05) and showed their musical potential to the audience. In '05 they signed for the Russian RAIG label, a well known one among the Russian avant/prog circles. The second album 'My Mommy Wants To Kiss Your Mamma'was released with Hrvoje Niksić reinforcing the band on synthesizers. The first notable change in band's line-up happened in 2006, when Tvrtko Dujmović took a role of a bassist, Igor Potočnjak (any relation with Niko?) swapped place with Niksić, and Mario Peretić took the drummer's seat. They released 'It Came From The Planet Of Love' that year (also for Russian RAIG).

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