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Město Loket
Město Loket
Město Loket
Město Loket
Hrad Loket
Město Loket
Město Loket

(The distances are only estimated)

Loket – Svatošské skály (6km) – Doubí (10km)

- The Svatoš Rocks are comprised of the rock towers. This group of rocks symbolizes a petrified wedding procession by legend.

Loket – Hory (7km)

-  Farm of red and roe deer


Loket – Staré Sedlo (4km)

- Paleontological place where Tertiary sediments are found


Loket – Sokolov (10km)

- Coal miners’ museum


Loket – Karlovy Vary (10km)

- Town with 12 thermal springs, parks, colonnades; The Geyser, outlook tower Diana, spa houses


Loket – Bečov (30km)

- Lower Palace exhibits the reliquary of St Moor, palace stepped park and garden designed by Josef Zítek


Loket -  Mariánské Lázně (50km) – Kladská (3km) – Monastery Teplá (20km) – stately home Kynžvart (15km)

- Mariánské Lázně – Empire spa town with parks and gardens from the end 19th century; singing fountain, golf course

- Kladská – a peat bog with rare fauna and flora

- Monastery in Teplá administrates a large library with 82,000 items

- state home Kynžvart is an Empire building with Metternich’s collection of curiosities


Loket – Cheb (45km) – Františkovy Lázně (5km) – SOOS (5km)

- Cheb castle let build Fridrich Barbarossa in 1180, remarkable chapel and remnants of Romanesque palace; square of Jiří z Poděbrad –Špalíček is created with two rows of houses with shopkeepers’ shops, museum, fountain of Knight Roland, church of St Nicolas …

- Františkovy Lázně is the second oldest spa town in west Bohemia; it is hiding in park modified wood and boggy cover; Francis’s spring, Glauber’s vestibule, Aquaforum, Komorní hůrka – the youngest volcano in our country

- peat bog SOOS – nature reserve on 221 hectares, an educational path which leads through the places with many mineral springs and carbon dioxin –‘ mud volcanoes’ spring to the surface